Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Out of 10: Chicken Cheese Tonkatsu for Lunch

Today my dad and aunt met me at noon for lunch. (I know, I know - why don't I have friends to do this with?? Well, my relatives pay for me...) I really wanted chicken tonkatsu but didn't know what it was called in Korean, but I had eaten it before with my unni who called it "chicken cutlet."

But my dad and aunt had noooo idea what I was talking about, so we drove around and I looked at pictures on the sides of the restaurants. Most of them were closed though because apparently Koreans like to eat chicken while drinking beer during dinnertime instead of at lunch. Boooooo. Hungry tourist needs to be catered to!

But we found a place and it was delicious.

With a display like that I couldn't help but go in, hahaha. They served tonkatsu, sushi, and spaghetti. What a weird combination.

The inside was actually super cute though. They obviously wanted to attract the young, broke crowd, cause the decorations were all fun and light, plus the prices were incredibly low. The restaurant had this stencil on the wall:

Apologies to the random Korean ajumma for the unflattering picture
I kind of want something like that for my dorm room when I go back.

The menu basically featured tonkatsu, tonkatsu, and more tonkatsu:

All the pictures seemed exactly the dad just told me to pick whatever, because they were all the same. Everything was about 8,000 KRW or under, which is amazing. That's like $7.50 for a big lunch. I never get used to how cheap things are here...except for the fruit, the fruit is so expensive.

Anyway, my dad and aunt both ordered the Wang Tonkatsu (왕돈까스) which basically means King Tonkatsu, or maybe Tonkatsu King. I got the Chicken Cheese Tonkatsu (치킨치즈돈까스), which is considerably less intimidating looking.

Chicken Cheese Tonkatsu

Wang Tonkatsu
I was so hungry when my food came that I started eating before remembering that I wanted to take a picture of it! My dad got kind of upset when I wouldn't let him eat his food until I got a picture of his too, but he thought it was funny that I was going to put the pictures online. Who's interested in pictures of food???

Well, me.

You can't tell from the picture but the chicken cheese tonkatsu had this delicious melted cheese layer underneath the crunchy breaded part. Plus both came with all the banchan (반찬) that I love, except for the weird green stuff. That salad they always provide is amazing though, it tastes like cardboard and yet is somehow incredibly addictive. I ate EVERYTHING, I was practically licking the plate. I guess that's what happens when you skip meals.

I was dumb and forgot to write down the restaurant's name, but it was so good, I hope I can find it later. It's in Guri (구리) which is where my aunt and dad live.

Hmmm what should I eat for dinner? I love food. When you travel, does weird food freak you out, or are you super adventurous?

Peace <3


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