Saturday, June 18, 2011

TUTORIAL: The Korean Lamb Towel Hat

So today I'm gonna teach you all how to make the super famous, well-known, 100% adorable lamb towel hat. Does it have a catchier name? Yes it does! In Korean it's known as the yang mori (양머리), which translates to lamb head. But I can't think of it as any other way, so it's the lamb towel hat from here on out.

My unni has graciously agreed to model the lamb towel head for us so that everyone knows what I'm talking about:

Why do Koreans make this?? It doesn't help dry your hair and if you keep your wet hair in it too long, your hair will dry in a funny shape. I asked my unni, who replied...

"Because it's cute."

LOL silly me for not realizing that.


Get an ordinary towel! It should be bigger than a face towel and smaller than a body towel. Lay it out on the floor and divide it into thirds, like so:


Fold the bottom and top thirds into the middle! The end result should be a long, narrow towel strip.


Roll up each end like you're rolling up the leg of your jeans. Try and keep the ends together so they won't fall apart! If it does, don't worry about it, just shake your towel out and start over.

Each side should look like this:

Hmmm that shape reminds me of something. It looks like a Jolly Rancher, or maybe a Tootsie Roll. I miss American candy.


What're you waiting for?? Put it on your head! Pull the two folds apart in the middle to fit it snugly over your hair. If it's too small, gently work at both rolled up ends to loosen the middle, making sure to keep both sides even. If it's too big, roll both sides up a bit until it fits.

Still not wearing any makeup...don't judge me too harshly! :)

I've never taken photos of myself before like this so I kept missing my face or getting all but one ear. Or sometimes I just blinked at the wrong time or took the picture too soon. I have a lot of failed versions on my hard drive; the one up there is the least stupid looking out of all of them.

Ahh what the heck, since I've just shown you my face, have a super dorky picture of me:

My eyes aren't actually closed, they're just ridiculously squinty. Why was I laughing? Who even knows! Plus I forgot to turn off the flash.

Ahhh that was fun. Is there anything else you'd like to see me try out/make a tutorial on?

Peace <3


Ana Ruiz said...

yeah is cute lol now I want to make my own.. thanks for the tutorial n_n

Anonymous said...

thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh you have no idea how long i've been looking for this tutorial......KEEP UP THE AWESOMELY EPIC TUTORIALS

Anonymous said...

I masterbate hard to the cute pictures at the end

Mahboy said...

thank u my parents lmaoed

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