Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miniature Spa Day!

Okay not really...I didn't leave the apartment, it was so hot out. And I don't know how to give myself a full body massage! But I'd been noticing how gross my hair was getting, all dry and frazzled and whatnot, so I asked my unni for some advice and she told me to use her hair pack to fix it.

Hair packs, especially those using potatoes, have been around for a while, so it's not really a Korean specific thing, but I haven't really heard of anyone using them in the US. Or maybe it's one of those "secret" beauty tips. Anyway, I took a shower, let my hair dry a bit, then pumped that nozzle and dumped it on my hair. Only I got a little bit too enthusiastic, and put wayyyy too much. Oh well! Then I just had to keep my hair out of my eyes while I waited.

So while I was at it, why not pay attention to my skin too?? My unni gave me this face scrub thing to use every week or so. It's super gross but your skin feels so gooooood.

First make sure your skin is clean and dry. Well I'd just showered, so no problems there. Then apply it generously all over your face, keeping it away from your eyes. Then wait for five minutes or so, stand over a sink, and start scrubbing with your fingers! All this gross stuff comes peeling away from your skin with the mask. According to my unni it's all the dead skin and stuff that goes clogging up your pores and making your skin gross. Whatever it is, it's disgusting, but it's super fun to do, like picking a scab or something. Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks that's kind of fun?

Anyway once that was all done, my skin was all soft and smooth and amazing. Plus, maybe this is my imagination, but if you pay special attention to any acne scarring or whatnot on your face, it seems to help fade it. I have one big one on my jaw that seems to get lighter every time I use this. Hmmm, I might do some research onto this face scrub peeling gommage pack thing and see for myself.

Then when my unni came home, she had a surprise for me...I was going to get eyelash extensions! I'd mentioned wanting some the previous day and my hyung-bu just kind of rolled his eyes at us ridiculous women and the things we want, but my unni had them and she liked them, so why shouldn't I get them?? We went to the salon across the street, Lee & Feel again. They charge 40,000 KRW for the procedure.

Because it was a surprise I didn't take any pictures of my eyes before the process, so here, have an old picture of me making a silly face. I think it's from back when I was in high school...

Pictured: Not enough sleep, too many webcams
As you can see...I have no eyelashes. Now look below! I'm not wearing any makeup, not even concealer to hide the huge bags beneath my eyes.

Whoo! It's like wearing false eyelashes! Only I don't have to bother with eyelash glue or anything, which is good because I've never worn false eyelashes except for prom, and even then my mom's friend applied them for me. I've never had visible eyelashes before, except for when I go overboard with mascara. This is super exciting!

Some downsides to the eyelash extension thing...I have to be careful when I wash my face. Maybe I'm like the least girly girly girl ever but I just kind of throw some water and cleanser on and scrub like crazy before scrubbing my face again with whatever's closest, usually a towel. But with these I have to be really careful about my eye area otherwise the eyelashes hurt and fall out. Oh well, it's probably good for me to slow it down a bit.

Beauty secrets of Asia! Come to me! What're the beauty things you've tried and loved (or not)? How crazy are you willing to get?

Peace <3


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