Sunday, June 19, 2011

Links Everywhere, And Not A Post In Sight

Washing my hair for the first time since I applied the potato hair pack, the differences are AMAZING. My hair is so soft and silky to the touch, as opposed to its usual passable dryish frizz (yes, I take terrible care of myself). Google says to apply this sort of thing two to four times a week, depending on your hair condition. I have to buy one of these before I leave for America. I've been doing some Googling but I can't find it for sale online anywhere, but when I do, I'll definitely put up the link.

Anyway, today was mostly a homework day. Crazy, I'm really behind so I had to work super hard to catch up for tomorrow's class!

So, if you're trapped indoors like me, here are some links to make you excited about Korea and the summer (and sometimes both at once!):
  • I Love You, Korea: Summer Love Letters I've never tried the ojingo sundae, but it sounds perfect for seafood-haters like me. Look at how many times that sucker gets fried!
  • HUGE BB Cream Overview, Reviews, and Swatches If you're into makeup at all, you've probably heard someone raving about the wonders of Korean BB cream. No lie, as soon as I got to Myeongdong I ran into MISSHA and bought some for myself.
  • City Hunter: Episode 1 One of the biggest K-dramas airing right now, starring the incredibly gorgeous Lee Min Ho as the male lead. Swoon. The story is basically Korean Batman crusades while involved with a spunky female bodyguard who also knows judo. Read a recap of the first episode here, then head out over to MySoju or Dramafever to watch an episode!
Eep unfortunately that's all I've got for now. Stay tuned, I'll definitely scope out some more links next time!

Peace <3


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